Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bringing Up Great Kids

Crazy must also be passed on...
I think it's time I move on.  Surely as a matter of choice and opportunity I can always just jump between age brackets, but my children are now 3 & 7 years of age and their needs and my experiences are varied.  My environment has changed as has my location and the parents around me differ along with the landscape.

I have done so many parenting and post domestic violence courses it would make your head spin.  Bringing Up Great kids just finished today.

Awesome information, not the least of which comes from other parents and carers.

Everytime I come into one of these groups the nymph of prejudgement sits on my shoulder, it looks around and wants to start drawing imaginary boxes around the fabulous array of individuals I see, some known, some unknown.  I do what I regularly do is tell it to hush and lets see what happens.  I never fail to be blown away by peoples stories.  The foster carers that have had hundreds of children under their roofs, most of whom were very troubled and quite often mentally challenged in someway.  The mother of seven who just lost her husband to suicide who is somehow still walking around and getting her kids to school and is struggling to deal with the varying degrees of her children's grief — never mind her own.  The islamic lady with not much english, who is living between cultures and is puzzled about how to find balance in her life...  The list of experiences is endless.

Yet the same thing brings us all together... seeking.  The search for ideas on how to parent, we want to be better.  Here let me exclude in some courses I have attended (particularly court ordered ones) the depressingly abundant number of admittedly uninterested parties who were like "Just get my piece of paper and get out of here"  and when asked "Did you not get anything out of this course?" brazenly answered "Nah! It was a bunch of B*** S****" (insert yobo Australian accent here... not being racist, just situation specific - real story ladies and gentlemen).

So for those parents who seek of which I assume you are due to sitting on the net and having enough patience or morbid curiosity to sit through my online natter, I'd love to take the opportunity to shove some courses, books, organisations etc in your face should you feel the need to take it further and SEEK for yourselves.

I think this is particularly of help given the fact that most of the information regarding childrens brain development and age appropriate needs simply wasn't available till the last few years or so.  Even professionals are constantly updating as the science grows, and given that we are the first point of call for our kids, shouldn't we then take it upon ourselves to be just as knowledgable about them as their childcare teacher (feel free to disagree).

So let me break it down, for any of my reader feel free to add to this list in the comments section, knowledge is power and I can only help with Australia, and the internet is our greatest point to share information with others, so share on!

Bringing Up Great Kids
I just finished this course today.  It mainly covers not how to cope with behaviours, but how to understand the behaviours, why they are their.  It talks about:

  • The messages we have received about parenting. 
  • The messages we have retained and assimilated about parenting
  • The messages that we pass on to our children
  • Brain development through the ages
  • Mindfulness in parenting
  • Self awareness
  • self care
  • Parenting goals and outcomes
Awesome course.   Simply constructed in a way that makes sense.  I would recommend this one to parents of ALL ages as it works on the basis that once you understand why the child is acting a certain way, you can better deal with the behaviour as you will understand that the behaviour is only symptomatic of what is underneath.  
It doesn't have all the answers just some.

Written by the Australian Childhood Foundation - they can be found on or Freecall: 1800 176 453 for more information on the program or to find a service provider in your area.

Grassroots Parenting
This course was very basic.  Looking at parenting from the ground up.  A lot of parents who had lost their children into state custody were court ordered into this course.

  • What are children's needs? 
  • How to parent in a very basic way?  
  • Ideas on food, play activities, child safety.  
  • What happens with children at what age. 
  • Expectations and communication in an age appropriate way
  • Age appropriate behaviours and safe discipline strategies
  • Self care
Really repetitive, it is as the name suggests "Grassroots", I was lucky had a great facilitator who had some awesome age appropriate play ideas.  I would suggest it mainly for people with children 0-12yrs.

Provider in this case was Catholic Care.  Please don't be put off, Catholic Care are just another funded service provider, they in no way bring religion into any of their social services work.  Check them out at or contact them on Ph: 02 93905377.

Keeping Kids in Mind
One of the most awesome courses and heartbreaking at the same time.  This one is for post separation/post divorce parenting.  Be warned almost everyone in this room is court ordered or court suggested to be here and they don't believe that they need it.  Never the less, the information, particularly on emotion coaching in this course is really important.  The focus of this course is wholly and solely on the children and what children experience going through the breakdown of the parents or carers relationship and post relationship management to minimise the damage on the child or to heal damage already done.

The course is written by a bunch of child psychologists, counsellors etc and is quite simply heart breaking - but necessary.

Anyone who had children and has been through, or is going through a break up this one is invaluable and gives a lot of insight and management skills to manage yourself and try to make peace with the other party for the sake of the children.

Provider was Catholic Care (as above) but I know this one is conducted by other orgs as well.

I'll try to add some more at a later time, but it's school pick up and I have to go.

Peace & Love

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Importance of Sleeping

I haven't posted on this page for an AGE!!!! But.  I've been inspired to write again, both because of my own recent experiences and because of those of my beautiful friends.

SLEEP!!!!  I really can't put enough emphasis on how important sleep training is from as early as possible.  I've read that it's the one of the greatest gifts that you can give to your child is the ability to self settle and that it will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

What is Self Settling?
Self settling is the ability for someone to put themselves to sleep with out the assistance of sleep aids (blankies, dummies, music, mummy etc etc).

Look I'm sure that sleep is a very complex issue (as most things in life seem to be), but lets simplify it for the purposes of this discussion and say, look if there is a medical problem... all bets are off... but if there's not and you just haven't got to the point where you are willing to do ANYTHING... listen up peoples.

Can I list some excuse my french "Bull Shit" excuses for us all.

  1. My child just doesn't need that much sleep.  (BS!  Yes they do!  No child needs to be up watching TV at 9 or 10 at night, you get your lazy can't be bothered ass up and put them to bed.  And no, don't be surprised if they scream for the next three hours, it's your fault they are OVERTIRED!!!).
  2. My 2yr old doesn't need a nap, if I put them down they just won't go to sleep. (BS!  I have never met a 1,2 or 3 year old that doesn't need a nap.... you know why they're evil as hell in the afternoon..... SLEEP!!!)
  3. My child doesn't need a routine...(BS!  You and your child need a routine of some description, it doesn't have to be everyday... just a majority of days.  Children and adults for that matter on the whole need to be able to predict what is going to happen in their day.  Children especially, there is mountains of data to back up these claims).
Using myself as the example and guinea pig for the sleep experiment I have used the same self settling sleep training for both my girls (age 6 & 3), we started at like week two of life and have kept it going.  We've had ups and downs, we've been through crisis (which obviously effected the security of my now oldest girl and subsequently sleep), but on the whole we've done REALLY well with the sleeping thing.  So much so that no matter where we are or who is putting them to sleep, we get a full nights sleep with the occasional Boogie Man or toiletry excursion.  They are both awesome self settlers and have been through overseas travel, strange places, different time zones, babysitters, being out at restaurants and cafes, on beaches, in cars and on deflating air mattresses in windy camper trailers.... we have survived.  My diagnosis, this stuff can work!

Sleep only again came to my attention when hanging out with one of my best friends and his girls.  Gorgeous girls, love them to death, awesome in every way but sleeping.  His youngest girl, will routinely wake up at then end of every sleep cycle and whinge for anything (does it matter at 3am in the morning?).  OMG!!! I love children, but I've discovered that after being woken up the sixth time and its only three am.... yeah... not so loving, all warm and fuzziness flees from my heart and moves to my head and eyesight creating a weird throbbing sensation.  

It takes some restraint and manipulative energy for me to keep the anger from my being (as I'm sure its not productive in this situation) and coax the beloved child back to sleep....   See this is not a one off, its a regular....  SELF SETTLING PEOPLES!!  I'm not her Momma, so its not my problem to solve, but I know a good move for some people is Karitane or Tresillian.  Or in J's case, take your booty and your baby and head to Momma's house for some intensive sleep training or retraining (and have someone else make you a tea.... or a vodka).

SEX (or lack there of)
Did you know that libido is one of the first things to go when a person is suffering from exhaustion?  When a persons primary needs are not met (and no gents, sex is not one of them) procreation gets erased from the bodies list of to dos and moved to the to don'ts.  Long story short, lack of sleep doesn't only effect your sanity or lack there of, it also effects whether your partner will 'put out' or not.  Note to self: Maybe you should get up sometimes & washing the dishes only works in your favour.... = you might get some!

Lets finish up by saying, the road won't be completely predictable or trouble free, but if there is an easier way i.e. sleep training, at least consider doing it, after the initial war it can only be good.  And maybe you can get out after 7pm and do that dance class or go to the movies with some regularity.

Where to learn sleep training?
There are millions of books.  I used Tizzie Hall, Save Our Sleep, and yes I know my little cousin is going to go into catharsis and hyperventilate as she relays the horrors stories of the control crying devil... But.  It worked for me and I've passed it to HEAPS of people who it has also worked for.  But, you can really use anyones, Gina Ford, etc etc.

There is also Karitane and Tresillian who both run sleep schools and have amazing free resources available on their websites and helplines. Approximate sleep requirements amd methods can be found here

So for my beautiful friends who haven't had babies yet... get the heads up now and have a plan BEFORE you have your bubba as once the day is here, your time to think is somewhat compromised.

So I hope you all sleep and your babies sleep well.  If you have any knowledge or personal experience give it out, our mothering community can only be richer for it.  Especially for those with medical issues that effected sleep and you were able to find a way around it... Share and teach us!!
Love x

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Baby List - Wheels of Steel - The Stroller Rant Continues

Oh who for art thou Phil, and Ted and haloed be thy name for thou hath created so hardy a vehicle, and thin, like I used to be, to scoot through shopping isles and around rude women and mindless men and old people who feel like demanding respect and rude as hell is the same thing.

Thy name I invoke oh Phil, and Ted thy praises will I sing for long ago I bought your metro pack when I had to trade in my sling.  A sporty yummy mummy, I raced around Bondi, I worked out your 3 wheeler with my head held high.

Love love love P&T
I could go on but the corn is even getting to me... So... here 'tis - LOVE my Phil & Ted Sports, have it in black and bought it before baby number two, because I knew I would need to seat two children and a pram truly has to last you till about age five, for those long late night treks where your angel really just needs to sleep somewhere.

The Phil & Ted is a hearty and well thought out piece of machinery.  It is as compact as pos (obviously not talking about the vibe).  And here is some bullet points of the pros:

  • Narrow frame
  • Solid
  • Great steering (one handed steering a breeze)
  • Easy for jogging and walking - and I shop with it quite easily too (although I could have a concrete ankle bracelet and do that)
  • Heaps of under pram space.
  • A simple bike pump (which I keep in a handy under pram pocket) pumps up the tyres.
  • Easy conversion from one to baby with toddler or child with toddler (heavier one in front)
  • Rain and Shade covers though expensive are 'faultless' and great quality
  • Compact enough to fit in any car boot, the wheels even come off easy if more space required
  • Beach friendly
OK - there are always Cons, here they are:
  • Heavy frame (which is rectified in the alloy models of Dash and Vibe)
  • Quite awkward to fold down (I can never catch the old buses with this pram), it's fine with cars and with the disabled buses which you can roll onto, but too hard for any quick fold down situation (both hands needed)
  • ..... can't think of anything else.
All I can say is Phil & Ted which is a New Zealand brand's products basically rule.  They're really well thought out, good quality and you really pay for what you get.  I've also got their Metro Pack (the backpack for 6 months to 5yrs (which I would never do by the way!), but it has been on many bush walks and music festivals with me... Awesome, love it and the kids love sitting in it too, they feel like they're better than you because they're taller than you, which is REALLY important in their little egotistical lives, I know some people over the age of 12 where it still is.

Phil and Teds are now sold at most major chain baby supplies, they retail for around $500 for the classic up to $950 for the Verve.  Then there is all the add ons, the adapters, the doubles kits, the rain cover, the cocoon, the shade cover etc etc etc.  But, you don't have to buy everything, and you don't have to buy it all at once and as I said before ****SPEND MONEY HERE**** 

Top pointers are:
And that's the current completion of my rant on prams, strollers and what comes in between.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

J's Baby Arrives - a whole week early!

The point of this blog has arrived.  She is small, she is sweet, she is helpless and she is a survivor - as all babies are.  Her mother is sweet, beautiful, in touch and I believe up for the challenge of this new adventure.  Daddy is also quite simply.... in love as all new Daddies could be.

There was a really good birth and then the drama of a haemorrhage after, which I suppose is how in olden times, many children lost their mother at birth.  But, thanks to many discoveries of science, this is not often the case; as in this case.

Honey Child and doting Aunt
As I sat on the bus to Randwick, I don't think I've been so excited, not even with my own children (as I actually had to physically deliver them).  And as I entered the hospital room, their she was, my friend, my sister girl; physically exhausted but glowing with change and creation.  I grabbed her teeny bundle knowing somehow that everything here in this room is different.  Lives are now different, as they should be.

Congratulations to J & J, I know you don't know entirely what you've gotten yourselves into, but no doubt it shall all be revealed in due time xo

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Baby List - Wheels of Steel - Prams and Strollers


Yo, Holla!  Okay, a pram you will use everyday, several times a day and for years on end (if you buy the right one that is.  I have three, and have sold one in the past. And I still use all three that I have.

Things to consider:-
What is your life style?
Active = 3 wheeler pram with large wheels that handles a large amount of walking over uneven surfaces.  Shops only, the brief outing = you can get by with a good stroller, easy fold with four small wheels that is suitable for paved surfaces.
How big is the back of the cars I'll be using?  Take a good look at the rear of the cars you'll be using.  Make sure you can fit the folded pram/stroller in the car with room for shopping also.

Personal Experience
Peg Perego
My first pram was the Peg Perego, the model would be equivalent to the Uno.  It caters for babies from newborn to 17kgs (about 4-5yrs age).  Reversible handle, which is awesome with newborns when you want them to face you, there has been a significant amount of study done, that recommends that babies face you in the pram, it assists there verbal development when they can watch you speaking to them and others.  And then the rest: 

- reversible and height adjustable handlebar.
- child tray with drink holder that attaches to the front bar.
- opening hood with zipper transforms into a sun canopy.
- detachable cover with zipper.
- backrest reclines to several positions 
- leg rest adjusts to 2 positions.
- two carrier handles for carrying the stroller.
- large, practical basket that snaps into place.
- fold-up closing. when closed, it is free-standing. 
- cup holder.
- five-point seat belt.

I loved this pram, it was easy to manage, hard wearing, good one hand control, really easy up and down (2 steps).  
Looking back it was totally inappropriate for me, as I did cross country regularly, walked everywhere, and was going to require a pram for a long time as I don't have a car. 
This pram and this style of pram would be suited to absolutely anyone that had a car (even a small car) who was going to use the buggy primarily on paved surfaces.  Just not for the active, walking jogging parent who goes to the beach as often as I do.  Saying that, my peg stood up to my punishment, and was still sellable at the end of all that.

Mclaren Volo - the second pram, the first stroller
As my little person was getting less and less reliant on the buggy and more and more keen to walk, the idea entered my mind to get one of those convenient little strollers, SO my mother stepped in to buy me a decent light stroller that will last a long time, and be good for travelling overseas.
It was at this junction we found the maclaren volo.  At 4kgs, it is light and lovely.  Fantastic for travelling on public transport and aeroplanes.  With its easy one action fold (one hand) this stroller RULES.  Maclaren has truly taken the hard work out of travel with baby.  It doesn't matter if you have a struggling toddler in the other hand and shopping over your shoulder, this baby is going down!
If I could do anything different with this one, I would have got the next model up so that I still had the layback option, which is still necessary for so long with kids.  But other than that, the rain cover is great, the steering is amazing... Just a superior stroller, is worth the extra money for sure!
Stay tuned for the Phil and ted fan rave....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Digression - The Sleep Solution - Understand it NOW!

Granted I've disappeared from my blog for around a month and a half, and I still haven't finished my final uni assignment, but anyway I'm diverting into a pleasant rant instead - here we go...

Sleep!  I thought I would digress at this point away from stuff you can buy and make sure everyone in the house gets a few important points.  SLEEP!!

We all need it, and when giving birth, feeding, looking after small people, we REALLY need it.  The best gift that you can give your little one is teaching them to sleep properly, its the lesson that gives for a lifetime.  There are a million websites and books available that share copious amounts of information, but I'm just gonna point out a few basic facts, and then point you to my bible.

There are a few important things to remember:-

  1. Self settling is the key to good sleep now and for the rest of bubba's life
  2. More sleep = more sleep (and the opposite is true, less sleep = less sleep)
  3. Routine is everything.
Naraya's tribute to sleep
Here is the breakdown in laywoman terms.  Self settling is teaching the art of falling asleep by themselves, without any assistance from objects like dummies, touch (mummy), breast or anything else.  

So when it is time to sleep and he/she has been fed, changed, burped so that all problems have been eliminated, they get swaddled, and layed down fully awake and left with a "time for sleep now", even if you want to stay, stay out of sight.  But, my suggestion is go get a cup of tea etc.  

If they are still crying by the time you finish your tea, go back in and check that everything is OK (no strange monster has crawled out of the wardrobe, or they haven't wriggled so much the swaddling cloth is up over their face - mine did that) preferably without being seen.

There is a lot of covert mission work, you know crawling on the floor so baby doesn't see you as you pop up behind the bassinet, or drop from the manhole with only a wire attached to your butt!

The other side is - if you don't teach self settling (and many people don't), a baby's sleep cycles are around 40mins, so think about being woken up every 40 minutes to, pick up the dummy and put it back in, to put the baby on the breast so it can sleep, to pick up that toy she's dropped....etc etc.  I know what I prefer.

More sleep = more sleepso don't get any ideas about "if I keep her up for six hours then she might sleep all night!!" It don't work like that sista... if a baby gets over tired it takes buckleys and none to get that child to sleep, and LOTS of screaming (that's you and the baby) in between.

Routine is everything - If the baby knows what to expect, what is going to happen when, they seem to find comfort in this.  So, if their sleeps are at the same time, their feeds are the same time and their bath is the same time they tend to work with you a little more (unless they are a rebel and just say NO whatever you do!! - you know who I'm talking about).  Bath - Breast - Book - Bed is such a great rule of thumb, it really winds them down, and by the time they're in bed they're just ready to sleep.

Complications -  If you have a baby with colic, gastric reflux, other illness, some of the above will change, my sleep bible has alot of case studies with these scenarios, so if applicable check it out there.  But I know you can elevate one end of the bassinet/cot to increase the comfort of the baby, and if they have thrown up, they won't choke on it.


Save Our Sleep by Tizzie Hall
Save Our Sleep - Tizzie Hall - My Sleep Bible
(Insert Godly Ethereal Music here...Ahhhh)  Okay, basically most of the sleep gurus say basically the same thing, with subtle differences, not really important.

Save Our Sleep is my drug of choice, Tizzie breaks it down in a simple easy to understand way.  Read it BEFORE baby arrives, because you won't have time or patience afterwards.

After birth I used to just photocopy the routines and put them on my fridge so I didn't have to think.  She has really good routines that go from birth through to 2years, covers a range of topics, but I've now done my two babies on them, and many of my friends who didn't have routines asked me for the book after about six months so that they could install order in their house.

Most babies will naturally revert to a routine that is similar to these, but do think this is a great reference, even telling you which breast to feed from and when to express.

Then it has case studies about many different scenarios, e.g gastric reflux and twins.  Love, love, love it.

Kya is killing Naraya in the lounge room so I have to go, going to coax them outside to do yoga in the sun!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The baby List - Wipes and Creams - the First Three Months and forever more

I have no time to do this but what the hell... I've already used every other excuse to avoid study and cleaning, so lets use this one too.

Baby Wipes
Baby wipes are the life blood of every mother young and old.  Wipes ARE NOT ecologically friendly in the usual sense of the word, but they really are when they prevent poo, chocolate, honey or any other mystery stickiness which will then destroy your environment and sense of security little by little.  How, well when you have already cleaned the house and you touch a door knob that is sticky...hmmm...and you don't know what it is.  This moment could have been prevented by the simple wipe.

Don't be fooled, not all wipes are created equal, which you will discover if you are wiping a particularly stinky and sticky nappy and your finger goes clear through the wipe, only sink into the glacial river of pooiness that you were trying to erase.  See! You thought you were SO clever when you save that $1.50 on those homebrand wipes. Now for days after you've cut your nails to the quick and scrubbed and scrubbed but you still can't erase that thin brown line from under your nail, or stop smelling that faint smell of poo whenever you put your finger next to your nose.

I have the following commentary and in depth discussion on the many brands of wipes.  I haven't tried them all, but I can tell you about the few I have tried.

#1st Guideline - NO FRAGRANCE!!  Fragrance is not good for you, and it is definitely not good for baby.  Like all skin care, try to go no alcohol, no parabens, no sodium lauryl sulfate.  It's not always possible, but it's great if you can do it.

Clearly Herbal - @ Ecobabe
My Favourite Wipe - Clearly Herbal
These ones are everything free (except the wipes themselves unfortunately).  I only tried them with the last baby, and wished that I had found them before.  They are gorgeous, thick enough, there is something gorgeous about the texture, good smell and just enough moisture.  They work really well.  I am just really sorry that I have never seen them retail anywhere but online.  You can get them for $7.95/80 wipes, which is quite expensive especially after postage, but I think if you can afford it, I really enjoyed them as a product.  (I'll shout you a pack!! - not everyone, just J - sorry)

Nature Care Baby Wipes
My Most Used - Nature Care Baby Wipes
Nature Care Baby, is really a lovely all round brand.  Developed by a Swedish environmentalist mother, it really does embrace all the values I love in a product and a company.

The best thing about these wipes is that they are available in all supermarkets in Australia and they retail for a price comparable to other less environmentally conscious brands.

As a wipe they are a great thickness, not too much or too little liquid, and they don't have any nasties in them.  All round good thing for me.
Note: Nature Care Baby Nappies and nappy disposal bags are great too.  I haven't used any of their other products so I can't speak to it.

Other Wipes
Curash, Huggies, Johnson and Johnson are all brands that I have used from time to time.  Huggies, get their fragrance free sensitive wipes, they're really thick but they have a WHOLE lot of liquid on them.  Johnson and Johnson, once again, get the fragrance free.  Curash are probably the best of the lot, they have a soap free and fragrance free variety, sometimes they have good specials.

Mamia from Aldi are fine also, they are quite thin, but sufficient if you're not dealing with big poos.  So are both Coles and Woolworths wipes, but as a rule I don't buy supermarket brands as I do believe they're driving the little man out of business.

Gaia were really beautiful in smell and the idea, but as with most bamboo products, they hold a huge amount of liquid.  So firstly I found Gaia wipes too wet, the next thing that annoyed the !@#$ out of me was that they stuck together really badly; in fact this sticking annoyed me so much that I didn't buy them any more than twice.

Wipe Tips

  • My childbirth educator said something great.  "Buy a pack of wipes, choose a patch of skin, and wipe it all day on and off with the baby wipe, just notice how much residue accumulates".  When at home buy a heap of cheap face washers and just use water, or water with a bit of bicarbonate of soda. (Great advice)
  • Buy the Huggies packs in the plastic containers, the large and a few of the travel size, that way you can just use the containers over and over again.  I've had the same Huggies containers for the past 5 years and they're still going!
Nappy Creams and Balms
There is a infinite amount of nappy creams and balms out there on the market, I haven't even made a dent in trying them all.  But, I know you'll feel me on my recommendation.

Lucas Paw Paw Ointment
I feel like there's nothing else I need to say about that... but I will.  Yes our beloved Lucas Pawpaw Ointment that we've been using on our lips for decades now is THE BEST!!  That's all I use, I tried a few others, but really none of them hold a candle to this one.

I use it as a night time barrier cream and as a nappy rash cream, the rash is always gone in the morning.  My Aunt who had five children used it on them, and they had the most sensitive skin (she was washing with soap flakes for them).  It is cheap (buy the $25 barrel) and it lasts for ages.  Love, love, love this product!

Cowboys & Itchy Bums Barrier Balm
Other Nappy Creams - Natural
Gaia has some beautiful creams, you need something thick for under the nappy, I always found their lotion to be quite thick and give quite good coverage.

My number one baby skincare brand is definitely Bod for Babies, I'll talk about more of their products later, but their 'bum spray' is unnecessary but special.  And they have a special barrier balm Cowboys and Itchy Bums Barrier Balm, I love all their products.  I want to buy you all of them!!

It is only available through limited sources now, sometimes it is in the health store, if not try Green Organics.

Other Nappy Creams - Not So Natural
Bepanthen is my one and only.  This is an awesome cream, it works when other creams won't.  It lasts forever as you only need the smallest amount, and just keep it around for when your little one starts scraping those knees (or for your partner if he falls over in the delivery suite).  You can get it at your local supermarket.

Nappy Sacks
Yes you need heaps of these.  I love the eco, eco versions but in all honesty I can hardly afford them.  I just buys Nappy Sacks on the whole (find them in your local supermarket).  There is a pack of 200 sitting in my shopping bags right now.  They come in those handy packs, smell good (which is of the upmost importance) and cost around $5 for 200.  That's it.